American Chamber

Municipality of Gjilan Affirms Support to the Private Sector

Prishtina, August 5, 2014 – The establishment of a Local Economic Development Council will be a priority for the Municipality of Gjilan. This was a promise made by the Mayor of Gjilan, Lutfi Haziri, at a roundtable organized on Tuesday by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo with businesses and representatives of Gjilan Municipality. 

Professional legal services and proper protection of intellectual property rights avoid potential problems of businesses

Aiming to promote Intellectual Property Rights, as well as the importance of professional legal services for businesses, AmCham hosted a roundtable where legal experts representing leading law firms in Kosovo shared their expertise regarding challenges and benefits of protecting IPR in Kosovo. Moreover, this roundtable addressed the importance of professional legal services necessary for the sustainable development of businesses. 

AmCham celebrates the American Independence Day

On Wednesday, July 2, 2014, thanks to the generous support of Birra Peja and Devolli Group, Meridian Corporation and Aurora Fast Food, AmCham medium to patron level members were invited to celebrate the 238th anniversary of Independence of United States of American on a Jazz Night event organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. 

The Second Regional AmCham Conference

Strengthening the cooperation between regional countries plays a crucial role in the creation of opportunities that enable the elimination of any barrier, trade barrier or any other economic barriers, the elimination and improvement of which would impact considerably the economic development of all regional countries. Moreover, by eliminating barriers, developing a free economy, creating a strategy for empowering the private sector and attracting foreign direct investments, are only some of the objectives which can be achieved through regional meetings of American Chambers of Commerce, which can serve as an excellent opportunity towards strengthening the inter-regional economic cooperation.

Close communication, the key of solving business issues

"The creation of an effective way of communicating with businesses is essential since only with the help and continuous cooperation with the business community, the business environment could improve". This was the conclusion drawn in today's Breakfast for Executives with the Director of Kosovo Customs, Lulzim Rafuna, which was hosted by AmCham member company, Elkos.