American Chamber

Breakfast for Executives with Mr. Samuel ┼Żbogar

Prishtina, September 30, 2014 – “The European Union will continue to assist Kosovo in fulfilling its EU agenda and it is committed towards improving the business environment which is constrained by a number of problems that need to be addressed further in order to catch up with the region. In addition to implementing the EU policy, EU office in Kosovo is constantly addressing the challenges of the private sector by helping to fight corruption, combat the informal economy, provide concrete financial support as well as facilitate the access to finance”. These were the highlights drawn in the meeting between business representatives with Mr. Samuel ┼Żbogar, Head of EU Office in Kosovo and EU Special representative, which was hosted by AmCham member company PTK. 

AmCham Business After Hours Cocktail

Prishtinë, September 25, 2014 - Last night AmCham organized a Business After Hours Cocktail, where members of all levels were invited, including here Small, Medium, Corporate and Patron members. During this night, AmCham members had the opportunity to relax at Morena Bar, and socialize with each other in a less formal way. Moreover, members used the Business After Hours Cocktail in order to create and strengthen their business relationships. Considering that members welcomed this event, AmCham promises the continuation of this tradition in the future. We would like to thank all the members who were present at the cocktail, by hoping that they had a pleasant night. 

Ferizaj businesses complain about the lack of electricity

Ferizaj, September 25, 2014- The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has brought together in a meeting, the business community of Ferizaj and local government leaders, in which they discussed the problems and challenges that businesses are going through.Initially, the executive director of AmCham, Arian Zeka, said that this is the third meeting this year which is being organized by AmCham Kosovo with businesses  of the municipalities. On this occasion, he said that municipalities can play an important role to improve the environment for doing business.

Appropriate energy costs and utilization of alternative energy - a precondition for the development of the manufacturing industry

Prishtina, September 23, 2014 – Kosovo should initiate the construction of new energy generating capacities as soon as possible, in order to avoid dependency on imports and the continuous electricity price increase that burdens citizens, the private sector, and specifically the manufacturing companies. This was the main conclusion of a round table organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo to discuss electricity supply and energy efficiency, where apart from the largest manufacturing companies in the country, representatives of key institutions in the field of energy were also present.

Certificates of recognition awarded for the best taxpayers of the year

Prishtina, 20 September, 2014 - The American Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce organized the traditional ceremony of awarding the best taxpayers for 2013 with the aim of encouraging Kosovo’s business community to fulfill their tax obligations. Organized in partnership with the Tax Administration of Kosovo and the Kosovo Customs, this event presents a motivation for all taxpayers by raising their awareness on the importance of fulfilling state obligations.