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Date Posted: 01/02/2012
AmCham Kosovo Elects its New Board Members

The meeting of the General Assembly of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo was held on 31st January 2012. In addition to the working reports and plans for 2012 the Assembly elected new board members, were Mr. Erolld Belegu became the new President of AmCham Board of Directors, Mr. David Greer the Vice-president, Mr. Dastid Pallaska as Secretary General, and Mr. Agon Gashi the treasurer of AmCham Board of Directors.



The 8th General Assembly of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (AmCham) was held on 31 January, at the Hotel Emerald. Present in the Assembly were members of the AmCham and representatives of local and international institutions.

The Assembly was chaired by Mr. Christopher Hall, President of AmCham Board. During the assembly, the activities that marked the success of the AmCham last year were presented and the plan of activities for year 2011 were presented and approved by the present members.

The most important part of this Assembly was the election of the new AmCham Board Members. This year, based on AmCham By-Laws, all members of board will be re-elected. As a result of these elections, the new AmCham board is composed of the following individuals:

  1. Erolld Belegu, Marigona Residence, President of the Bord
  2. David Greer, Checchi & Company consulting,Vice-President of the Bord
  3. Agon Gashi, Meridian Corporation, Treasury
  4. Dastid Pallaska, Pallaska & Associates, Secretary
  5. Lekë Musa,BU & Partners
  6. Ilir Ibrahimi, American University in Kosovo
  7. Jerry Rexha, Devolli Corporation
  8. Agim Bekaj, Microsoft
  9. Michael Mix, Bechtel & Enka
  10. Driton Zahiri, Kosova Motors
  11. Ardiana Bunjaku, SCAAK



At the end of voting session, the newly elected president of the AmCham Board of Directors, Mr. Erolld Belegu, thanked the members for believing in him and expressed his gratitude to members who have served on the Board of Directors in 2011.

Towards the end of the event, speeches were given by Mrs. Mimoza Kusari – Lila, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Christopher Dell, the US Ambassador to Prishtina, last but not least, Mr. Safet Gërxhaliu, the Chairman of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.