For Policy Issues please contact: Visar Hapciu @ visar.hapciu@amchamksv.org
For Membership Services please contact: Adea Kelmendi @ adea.kelmendi@amchamksv.org
For Communication and Information please contact: Vanesa Gashi @ vanesa.gashi@amchamksv.org


Arian ZEKA

Executive Director


Senior Membership Officer


Policy and Government Relations Manager


Secretary General of AmCham Arbitration Center

Vanesa GASHI

Communications Officer


Finance Officer


Communications Assistant


Chief Technology Officer


Arian Zeka is the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. He was appointed in this position in June 2012, after previously serving as a Deputy Director and Head of Policy Department since November 2009.

Apart from leading implementation of an active program of services, activities, and events in support of the Chamber’s membership, he also promotes the public image of the Association by serving as the Chamber’s “ambassador-at-large,” and liaising on behalf of its Members with other leaders of Kosovo, international business communities, and with representatives of local and international government agencies.

His other duties and responsibilities include establishing and maintaining productive working relationships with organizations and individuals relevant to the Chamber. He represents AmCham Kosovo in most important state and inter-institutional economic mechanisms, such as National Council on Economic Development.

During 2015, he was the chairman of the Consultative Council comprising of Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, Customs, and two other business associations.

During his leadership, the Chamber has more than doubled its membership, while in 2013 AmCham Kosovo was the Chamber with the largest membership acquisition among the 43 AmChams in Europe. Also, during his service, AmCham Kosovo established in 2012 the Charity Foundation, and has further strengthened the capacities of the Arbitration Center for provision of professional arbitration and mediation services. He is also ex-officio member of the Steering Council of the Arbitration Center.


Visar Hapçiu is currently a Policy and Government Relations Manager at AmCham. Initially, he joined AmCham in May 2010 as an intern, and got promoted to the position of Policy and Administration Assistant in September. He started working as Policy and Project Officer in March 2012. Visar graduated from the American University in Kosovo, who majored in Economics & Statistics and Management and minor in Public Policy. Visar is a native Albanian speaker; he is also fluent in English and has basic knowledge of Turkish and Italian. Prior to working at AmCham, Visar finished an internship program with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. He also worked as an assistent for accounting services. You can contact Visar at visar.hapciu@amchamksv.org.



Anjezë Gojani joined AmCham in May 2015 to serve as the Secretary General of the AmCham Alternative Dispute Resolution Center.
Anjezë is a lawyer with specialization in commercial arbitration and business law. She graduated from Leiden University where she obtained her LL.M (Masters of Law) degree in International and European Business Law. Her dissertation thesis was mentored by Brooks W. Daly, Deputy Secretary-General and Principal Legal Counsel of Permanent Court of Arbitration.
She was awarded the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship 2009 as well as a full scholarship from the European Union Scholarship Scheme in Kosovo. Anjezë also holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Prishtina, Faculty of Law.
In addition to her academic background, Anjezë has a successful professional career. To date, she has served as a Secretary to arbitral tribunals on several international and domestic commercial arbitration cases under UNCITRAL Rules and Kosovo Arbitration Rules 2011. She has more than six years of continuous work in legal research in the field of contracts and commercial law. Anjezë has been engaged as a local expert by several bodies, including GIZ Kosovo, and National Democratic Institute in Kosovo. She has also conducted legal research for the Council of Europe in Kosovo and for USAID KPEP Program in Kosovo. Right after her LL.M Degree, Anjezë has worked at the Ministry of European Integration within the area of internal market and competition. She continues working as an Associate at “Gojani & Partneret”, a law firm based in Prishtina.
Anjezë has been awarded several prizes, including the National Price for Justice “Sali Ceku”, awarded by the Government of Kosovo and the Ministry of Justice, and first place at Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition – National Rounds in 2008.
Anjezë is a Willem C. VIS International Commercial Arbitration Court Alumni as well as EU Scholarship Scheme Alumni.


Adea Kelmendi graduated from the American University in Kosovo in May 2014, where she majored in Economics and Statistics and Management. During her last year of studies, in January, 2014, Adea joined AmCham as an intern. Now, Adea is the Membership Services Officer and has the overall responsibility to coordinate and implement Membership services to all members, in line with the objectives of the organization. She is the first point of contact to all members and prospective members. Adea supports the Executive Director in creating an organizational development strategy by proactively seeking for new opportunities that enhance the organization’s growth as well as the membership base.
You can contact Adea at adea.kelmendi@amchamksv.org.


Vanesa Gashi is the Communications Officer at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. She joined AmCham in May 2016 as Communications Assistant.
Her duties and responsibilities include coordinating and facilitating communication between AmCham, AmCham members, and third parties and distributing statements to the media. She is also the Executive Editor of AmCham's official magazine Horizon. Apart from her communications related duties, she also serves as the coordinator of the Woodrow Wilson Chess School.


Lorik Hoxha is AMCHAMS Finance Officer.


Fatos SYLAj is AmCham Chief Technology Officer.