A significant event for Women’s History Month at AmCham

Prishtina, March 13, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo hosted yet another significant event commemorating Women’s History Month. The panel discussion, featuring Frosina Islami, Albulena Kadriu, and Kulmita Hoxha, was professionally moderated by Valentina Gara. The event served as a platform for sharing inspiring personal narratives, shedding light on the ongoing struggle against gender bias and stereotypes, the triumphs and challenges within male-dominated industries, and the indispensable role of female mentors in empowering young women.

Valentina Gara, Head of Public Relations at Limak Kosovo, not only expertly moderated the discussion but also shared her own journey, illustrating the importance of perseverance amidst challenges. Gara spotlighted the impactful Global Engineer Girls program, dedicated to supporting girls through scholarships, professional training, and practical experience, ensuring their readiness for the workforce.

Frosina Islami, Public Regulatory Manager at Coca-Cola HBC, highlighted the increased presence of women in leadership roles at her company. She discussed initiatives like enhanced post-natal pay to support new mothers and emphasized internal advancement opportunities as well as local programs like Coke Summership and Coca-Cola Youth Empowered. Islami stressed the importance of these programs in providing women with essential job training in social, business, and digital skills for successful integration into the labor market.

Albulena Kadriu, Founder and CEO of Darn Group, shared her inspiring journey of overcoming challenges to establish her business in the gas industry. She faced prejudice and discouragement from others in the male-dominated field and encountered obstacles from public institutions that failed to provide adequate support. Kadriu stressed the need for consultancy services within relevant ministries to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of starting a business, including vital information on finances, taxes, and other necessary steps.

Kulmita Hoxha, Commercial Manager at DHL Kosovo, credited the influential female leadership within her company for supporting her journey and inspiring other women to pursue leadership roles. She emphasized the pivotal role of female leaders in shaping the organizational structure, noting that various departments within DHL are led by women. Hoxha highlighted DHL’s career programs, including leadership training initiatives, underscoring the importance of fostering change within the workplace. Additionally, she advocated for mentoring and development opportunities that extend beyond specific departments within DHL.

The event showcased the resilience and determination of women leaders in Kosovo and underscored the collective commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse business environment. As we commemorate Women’s History Month, AmCham reaffirms its dedication to empowering women leaders and advancing gender equality in the business world.