AmCham Calls for Upholding Rule of Law in Kosovo

Prishtina, June 27, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo expresses deep concern over the recent verbal attacks by government leaders on independent judicial institutions, particularly the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo.

In democratic societies, the separation of powers is fundamental. Independent institutions must operate without interference to maintain the integrity of the democratic process. Statements undermining these institutions are unacceptable, as they violate the principle of separation of powers and erode the democratic values that Kosovo has worked hard to establish.

It is incumbent upon all political actors and officeholders to respect the constitutional and legal framework of the state. This includes not only fulfilling their own functions and responsibilities but also upholding the independence of other institutions. Formulating policies, building consensus, drafting legislation, and revising legal acts must all be done within the bounds of respect for judicial independence.

The American Chamber echoes the calls from diplomatic missions and international organizations for the government to respect judicial decisions. This respect is critical for Kosovo’s democratic future.

The executive and all political actors must acknowledge and respect the independence of all pillars of power, including the judiciary, the media, civil society, the private sector, and independent regulatory bodies. Upholding these principles ensures accountability and transparency, which are vital for building public trust, increasing citizen participation, improving governance, protecting rights and freedoms, and preventing abuse of power.

Therefore, the American Chamber of Commerce urges state leaders to respect judicial decisions and refrain from making statements that interfere with the judiciary’s work. Kosovo’s institutions have a continuous obligation to uphold the rule of law under all circumstances, thereby avoiding the arbitrary exercise of power.