Alternative ways are recommended in financing new businesses

Prishtina, November 13, 2021 – As a concluding part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week among the twenty-three activities organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, promoting the idea – financing entrepreneurs, has been the topic discussed during this last forum.

The Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo Arian Zeka stressed the importance of finance in supporting entrepreneurs to achieve success. He affirmed that the business idea is what matters, but the financial component also plays a similar role.

Artan Sadiku, Deputy Director at BPB Bank said that the objective of this bank is to support small businesses and aim to provide financial and non-financial services. He said that the bank will provide training to support entrepreneurs in advancing their business, strategic planning, marketing and inexperience. Further, he stated that the focus of the bank are women and young entrepreneurs.

EBRD Regional Policy Coordinator Leonora Kusari stated that startups need financial support because they mainly fund businesses, the community or through grants. She mentioned that Kosovo has great potential and a crowdfunding is planned to happen in Kosovo, as well. Kusari also recommended testing the market and creating an infrastructure for young people to come up with more innovative and creative ideas.

Driton Dalipi, managing partner at MDA claimed that a collaboration between the education system and the ministry that supports young entrepreneurs and municipalities would create a better ecosystem.

Erëza Gjikolli, Program Development Supervisor, Head Office, TEB bank, mentioned the bank’s support for women startups. According to her, there is a lack of information about entrepreneurs who intend to open a business and that they need to adapt to the needs of the market.