AmCham and KCC urge MPs to reach consensus on the legislation for economic recovery

Prishtina, September 25, 2020 – Six months have passed since the imposition of the first restrictive measures aimed at curbing the spread of the COVID19 pandemic, which have caused unprecedented disruptions upon economic activities and consequently great difficulties in the operation of enterprises of all industries in Kosovo. While the institutional response in the emergency phase was deficient and delayed, many enterprises continue to face serious threats in terms of survival and job preservation.

Therefore, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, based on businesses’ need for rapid action regarding the implementation of economic recovery measures, urge the deputies of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo to reach the necessary consensus that will enable the creation of relevant legislation for the implementation of these measures.

Being aware that the content of the draft law on economic recovery needs to be further supplemented with other provisions which address the challenges faced by the private sector, at the current stage as well as the long term stage, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce urge MPs to approve in today’s session the draft law processed by the executive in the first reading, thus opening the possibility of further supplementation until the final reading.

Rapid action accompanied by measures that proportionately address the damage caused to the economy, is essential for rescuing enterprises and employees affected by the COVID19 pandemic, as well as from the deepening socio-economic difficulties, at a time when other countries are well ahead of the Republic of Kosovo in terms of state intervention aimed at creating and implementing programs for economic recovery. On the contrary, the economic and social situation will continue to worsen.