AmCham and USAID CJA organized a Focus Group on Commercial Mediation in Kosovo

Prishtina, March 7, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, in partnership with the USAID Commercial Justice Activity, successfully organized a Focus Group titled “Commercial Mediation in Kosovo.” This event featured introductory remarks by Hasie Abdullahu Hajdini, Objective Leader at USAID CJA. The focus group aimed to explore the landscape of commercial mediation in Kosovo, focusing on identifying barriers and proposing strategies to advance the practice in the region.

The event included dynamic presentations by two international legal experts, Frank Carr, Senior Mediator Expert, and John Kelly, Senior Research and Focus Group Expert. With extensive backgrounds, Carr and Kelly shared their invaluable experiences that started with the military, government, and private business sectors, to financial services, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, and various other fields. Their insights added a multifaceted perspective to the discussions, enriching the understanding of the challenges and opportunities in commercial mediation.

One of the key highlights of the event was the unveiling of the Commercial Mediation Survey and Mediation Evaluation Summary. These comprehensive documents served as the basis for the focus group’s discussions, offering participants a thorough examination of the current state of commercial mediation in Kosovo. Additionally, an interactive session on the Commercial Mediation Questionnaire explored obstacles faced in commercial mediation and presented innovative tools to enhance the effectiveness of mediation processes.

The collaborative efforts of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and the USAID Commercial Justice Activity underscored their commitment to fostering a conducive environment for commercial mediation in Kosovo.