AmCham calls on Kosovo to consider participation in the Open Balkans initiative

Prishtina, June 15, 2022 – Recognizing the importance of the Western Balkan’s economic coordination and integration, stability, and prosperity through the free flow of goods, people, capital, and services, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo calls on the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to seriously consider participating in the ongoing common regional market initiative.

AmCham reiterates the calls of the U.S. administration representatives that any regional cooperation initiatives should enable equal representation of all the Western Balkans countries, and that it is the responsibility of three Open Balkans initiating countries to address concerns of Kosovo’s Government, and those of other skeptical countries. No regional common market initiative can succeed in circumstances in which all the countries of the region are not treated equally and respectfully, and serious efforts are not made to remove irritants to cooperation.

AmCham strongly believes that economic cooperation has no alternative at these uncertain times for regional and global economies, and it is through economic integration that the countries can overcome the upcoming difficulties, such as supply chain challenges, food security, energy shortages and talent shortages.

Finally, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo believes that it is of utter importance for all the Western Balkans countries to fully align with the U.S. and EU policies, and maintain a harmonized position by condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through sanctions.