AmCham calls political parties to avoid the conflict-inducing discourse and the undermining of recovery prospects

Prishtina, July 11, 2020 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo reiterates its stance that the deeply divisive political discourse within and outside institutions prevents the achievement of a national consensus and the overcoming of challenges created by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

At first place, constructive dialogue between political stakeholders is non-alternative, due to the large need to manage COVID-19 and all the consequences caused by it in health, economic and social aspects.

Further delays in approving changes to the budget framework as well as international financial agreements will delay the disbursement of funds pledged to help enterprises and private sector employees which are the backbone of the country’s economic development.

AmCham strongly believes that topics of a populist nature and the undignified political disagreements at this stage, will undermine the prospects for economic recovery post COVID-19, while instead of comprehensive efforts to improve the country’s image and resonate stability, political parties are further aggravating the bad image that Kosovo has with their conflict inducing discourse.

AmCham reiterates its position that the upcoming months will reveal the real economic and social consequences, due to the difficult survival of a number of enterprises, mainly small and medium enterprises, which are the most important source of the already few jobs for the citizens of Kosovo.

Finally, the American Chamber of Commerce once again invites lawmakers to overcome party disagreements and put themselves at the service of citizens and enterprises, paving the way for economic development, job preservation, and much-needed progress.