AmCham demands the intensification of the public-private dialogue during the situation Kosovo is going through

Prishtina, April 6, 2020 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo expresses its strong belief that in the situation in which the country is going through, it is necessary to maintain and intensify public-private dialogue. In this regard, AmCham urges the acting Government to strengthen formal dialogue mechanisms, including the National Council for Economic Development (NCED).

One of the responsibilities of the NCED includes the strengthening the role of the business community in the country’s economic development process, therefore given the unprecedented situation we are going through, it is important for the Council to give its contribution, in order to mitigate the negative impact and minimize the consequences for the private sector and the economy in general.

AmCham emphasizes that state institutions that take into account the constraints and recommendations of the private sector have a greater chance of setting the right priorities and designing and implementing the reform process in line with the needs of the private sector.

Implementing the emergency measures package, and drafting the COVID19 pandemic recovery program, should be done in close cooperation with businesses, organizations representing the interests of the private sector, economic institutes, academia, and individual economic experts.

Lastly, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo reiterates its commitment to actively contribute to public-private dialogue, and to support legislative and executive institutions in the policy-making process.