AmCham establishes Hospitality and Tourism Committee

Prishtina, July 30 2020 – American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has established the Hospitality and Tourism Committee, aimed at addressing both short-term and long-term challenges of these sectors, including those related with the economic recovery phase following the outbreak of COVID-19. Members of this committee elected Erëmal Bajrami from KFC as their chairperson. Bajrami expressed his willingness to lead the committee through putting his utmost efforts in order for the committee to reach its goals and objectives, as well as to overcome the economic crisis caused by the pandemic as soon as possible.

Through this committee concrete member business requests and positions will be harmonized, aiming to facilitate the environment of doing business in the long term, some of which include reducing the VAT for gastronomy sector, advocating for the establishment of licensing agencies and improving the image of Kosovo regarding tourism, among others.

Hospitality and Tourism Committee will serve as a catalyst for generating concrete recommendations to governmental institutions and all other stakeholders. Members of this committee have agreed upon organizing regular meetings in order to push their demands further and facilitate the combating of COVID-19 in an economic sense.