AmCham expresses its concern regarding the impact that the current measures limiting imports have on internationally owned companies

Prishtina, September 5, 2023 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo urgently calls for the reconsideration of measures that hinder international commercial interests, particularly those impacting the flow of goods from renowned global brands. According to official data meticulously reviewed by AmCham, imports from companies with significant U.S. ownership have plummeted by over 39% compared to 2022, highlighting the ban’s unintended, yet substantial, impact on international enterprises.

The ban, which targets Serbia and products imported from this country, actually affects international companies to a large extent. Many of these businesses are owned by companies from partner countries, including the United States of America, which have been key pillars in supporting Kosovo’s growth trajectory. The data reveal a stark reality; imports linked to US companies are dwindling at an alarming rate. Furthermore, any trade barrier, such as this ban, has inevitably increased consumer prices, further burdening the budgets of Kosovo’s families.

AmCham would like to recall that it has repeatedly maintained similar positions in the past whenever trade barriers were imposed from Kosovo to imports from neighboring countries. Also, we have expressed our concerns to the countries of the Western Balkans whenever they set barriers for Kosovo’s exports.

Good neighborly relations are the main prerequisite for the Euro-Atlantic integration of Kosovo. The current measures, unfortunately, are contrary to the calls of Kosovo’s international allies, who call for harmonious regional relations.

In circumstances where Kosovo has lifted the ban on the import of raw materials and semi-final products from Serbia, it is senseless and ironic to keep in force the measure which prohibits the import of goods that constitute international commercial interests.

AmCham emphasizes that economic normalization between Kosovo and Serbia transcends bilateral interests. It is an essential strategy for cementing regional stability and advancing European integration ambitions.

Consistently at the forefront of advocating for open and balanced trade policies, AmCham urges swift, decisive actions that will champion economic growth, prosperity, and regional harmony.