AmCham Kosovo Launched Woodrow Wilson Chess School

Prishtina, July 22, 2016 – Planning, thinking and strategic decision ability are basic life-skills, all schools want to teach. To help children develop such basic life-skills, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, within its foundation launched today Woodrow Wilson Chess School. Chess helps brain development, particularly in the early stages of children’s education, through which children develop critical thinking, self-confidence, determination and patience.

Arian Zeka, Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo said that AmCham Kosovo is launching Woodrow Wilson Chess School with the purpose of offering an opportunity of an extracurricular activity for children aged 6-14, in which participation is free of charge, thus enabling them to develop their critical thinking and strategic decision-making ability, an opportunity which will serve them in business leadership in the future.

Chess master, Albert Zenuni expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude for the initiative of American Chamber of Commerce to launch chess school, thus believing that such an initiative will expand all around the country, particularly in primary schools.

AmCham Kosovo welcomed today young children who began their new journey in Woodrow Wilson Chess School, which they that embark upon with great enthusiasm.