AmCham organizes training on talent acquisition and retention

Prishtina, June 17, 2020 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a virtual training on talent acquisition and retention, delivered by Greta Kamberi, Talent Recruiter Specialist at Gjirafa. In this training the strategies of recruitment, management and promotion of the staff as well as the importance of acquiring and retaining talented and qualified personnel in order to ensure the development and increase of company values were discussed.

During this training, Kamberi stressed the importance of recruiting young talents, especially at this time after the release of restrictive measures against COVID-19 and return to normalcy. According to her, recruitment procedures are different based on the respective company culture, while recruitment is a process that is subject to constant changes and therefore must be adapted to the methods of the latest trends such as the promotion of vacancies in various social networks, job fairs, or through memorandums of agreements with universities.

The recruitment specialist stressed that an important part of the recruitment strategy is the accurate formulation of the job description for which the vacancy is open, so that potential candidates are well-informed about the tasks and responsibilities of the job before applying. Among other things, Kamberi stressed the importance of branding the company, where she considered that the image of the company is key in attracting or retaining talent, considering that skilled workforce is constantly in high demand.

Furthermore, the role of employee’s personality in organizational behavior, the variety of companies’ strategies for recruiting and retaining talents, as well as the different stages of recruitment were discussed along with the participating members of AmCham during this training.