AmCham position on reforms, collaboration and accelerated growth

Prishtina, 2 February, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo acknowledges the efforts of Kosovo’s institutions to accelerate the country’s economic growth. However, these efforts are deemed to have a limited impact on sustainable economic development. In these circumstances, AmCham estimates that Kosovo’s image and the lack of a proactive approach in promoting investment opportunities are hindering the economic transformation of the country.

AmCham strongly believes that Kosovo must free itself from the discourse of conflict and instability as soon as possible. The recent report by the International Crisis Group, identifying Kosovo as one of the ten countries at risk of deadly conflict or escalation in 2024, adds to the already very negative perception, making it challenging to attract quality foreign investments. Kosovo’s institutions must recognize the paramount significance of concluding an agreement with Serbia, a constant call from Kosovo’s international strategic partners.

As an advocate for the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital, AmCham welcomes the recent steps taken by Kosovo and Serbia towards recognizing car license plates. It sees the removal of trade barriers between the two countries as the next crucial step to pave the way for accelerated economic development. AmCham reiterates its call for the Government of Kosovo to lift current measures prohibiting the entry of final products from Serbia, impacting the commercial interests of Kosovo’s partner countries, including the United States of America. Eliminating trade barriers would enhance Kosovo’s attractiveness to foreign investors by providing access to larger markets and benefiting from economies of scale in production and distribution.

AmCham emphasizes that Kosovo has made significant progress in the last three decades through coordination with international partners such as the United States of America and the European Union. It underscores the importance of further coordination with international partners in achieving goals that strengthen Kosovo’s subjectivity. This includes implementing the recently approved Regulation by the Central Bank of Kosovo for Cash Operations. The Chamber also suggests a request for the postponement of certain provisions to allow adequate preparations for implementation and mitigate potential negative consequences.

In the spirit of communication and cooperation, AmCham urges the legislative and executive branches of the Republic of Kosovo to promote sincere public-private dialogue. This is recognized as a crucial tool for formulating and implementing policies, fostering growth and economic development, implementing regulatory reforms efficiently, and enhancing public trust in governance.

In conclusion, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo calls for the implementation of the above recommendations which would enable a radical change in the well-being and performance of the country, encompassing the gross domestic product, the human development index, and the global competitiveness index.