AmCham starts its activities on Girls in ICT week

Prishtina, April 25, 2022 – In order of raising awareness, promoting, and motivating the engagement and empowerment of girls in the ICT industry, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, under the patronage of the Municipality of Prishtina has started its activities to mark Girls in ICT week, on the occasion of International Girls’ Day in ICT, which is celebrated on April 28.

During this week, numerous events will be organized, where various speakers from the ICT sector will discuss the opportunities that this industry offers to girls.

Director of Sales, Marketing, and Operations at UCX, also Secretary-General of the Board of Governors of the AmCham Jeta Zagragja said that this is an industry that with its dynamics and chaos offers problem-solving opportunities and that it is important to start at an early age, in order of sowing the right seeds. “By being yourself and having discipline in the workplace, you can always achieve what you want. We women do not need help and we do not need opportunities to give us a hand in achieving our goal, because we are strong enough to manage ourselves, and we create our own opportunities by working hard,” said Zagragja.

Abetare Gojani, Executive Director of IPKO Foundation said that it is important for girls to be informed that this sector is not only made up of men but that there is a huge space for the inclusion of girls too. Gojani added that the detailed nature of girls is very necessary for any engineer.

Non-formal education expert Ylberina Mala said that continued education is very important in this industry and that involvement in it should start at a young age. “I am glad that young people today are offered opportunities to create skills, which are not only offered in school, but which can also be enriched by the non-formal education, and I am happy to belong to this field that affects the education of many new generations,” said Mala.

Liridona Gërxhaliu from Sonnecto, as well as the moderator of this event, said that in this sector there is still a very small number of girls, adding that these statistics are extremely worrying. She added that girls add value to this industry and their participation in it is very important.