AmCham wraps up Girls in ICT week activities

Prishtina, April 28, 2022 – April 28 marks International Girls’ Day in ICT. On this day, it is important to appreciate the importance of gender diversity and understand that the presence of diversity brings innovation, creativity and quality. The involvement of women and girls in the ICT sector was the topic on which the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo concluded its activities within the framework of Girls in ICT week.

Deputy Mayor of Prishtina Donjeta Sahatçiu said that it is important that this time the Municipality of Prishtina serves as a home, which unites many organizations, in order of supporting girls in this sector, by allowing them to consider ICT as a good opportunity for a career. Further, she stressed that it is important to try and experiment with each field, while in a young age. “As a municipality, it has been very important for us to come together for the first time to raise our voices by allowing more girls and boys to consider ICT as a career they can choose for the future. I am very grateful that we have managed to gather and organize these activities within a very short period of time, said Sahatçiu.

Arian Zeka, Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo said that for a long time the field of ICT has been perceived as a profession suitable only for men. “Decades ago, it was prejudiced that this profession is only for men. But, this approach has changed knowing the fact that now women also work in the ICT sector,” said Zeka.

Director of Sales, Marketing and Operations at UCX, and also the Secretary General of the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce Jeta Zagragja said that this is an industry that with its dynamism and chaos, offers opportunities for problem solving and that it is important to start at an early age to sow the right seeds. “By being yourself and having discipline in the workplace, you can always achieve what you want. We women do not need help and we do not need opportunities to be created and given to us, because we can manage them by ourselves, and we create our own  opportunities by working hard,” said Zagragja.

Fjolla Restelica, Head of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) at KODE, Ministry of Economy, said that in the recent years, the opportunities for girls in ICT have increased, and this is shown by the increasing participation of girls in this sector. She shared with the students that, in this profesion, curiosity and willingness to continuously learn are very important.

During the Girls in ICT week, the American Chamber of Commerce activities included 17 different speakers and professionals from this sector, who discussed the challenges they have encountered, as well as the many opportunities that this sector offers. Abetare Gojani (IPKO Foundation), Ylberina Mala (Non-Formal Education Expert), Liridona Gërxhaliu (Sonnecto), Zana Curri (Radix), Shpresa Kika (Sutherland), Drenusha Ymeri (Litera ), Iliriana Ibraj (LinkPlus), Rrezarta Pllana (Cacttus Education), Liridona Syla (Kutia), Naxhije Pajaziti Arifaj (KEDS), Greta Kamberi (Gjirafa), Qendresa Mehmeti (AAB College), Verona Selmani (PBC), Leonida Ismaili (Eneldat), and Saranda Sefedini (Incodeks) were speakers at the events organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.