AmCham’s first “Training Tuesday” for 2024 with Emin Shini from The HeadHunter

Prishtina, February 20, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has launched its ‘Training Tuesday’ program for this year. During the session, Emin Shini, the Country Manager for Albania and Senior Advisor for Human Resources Recruitment and People Development at The HeadHunter, equipped participants with tools and best practices to enhance their recruitment efforts. The session addressed recruitment challenges and the benefits of technological advancements in the recruitment process.

Shini emphasized the importance of understanding generational differences among job applicants, as the needs and work dynamics vary between millennials, Gen Z, and baby boomers. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of company branding in recruitment, advising treating candidates as customers and stressing the importance of competency-based interviews during the recruitment process.

The HeadHunter provided participants with a toolkit containing tips to support their recruiting efforts. AmCham expresses gratitude to The HeadHunter and Emin Shini for their insightful contributions and for leading the first edition of ‘Training Tuesday’ for 2024.