AmCham’s position on the Draft Law of Medicinal Products Pricing in Kosovo

Drug price regulation in Kosovo is a step forward to quality healthcare services based on equity. As a leading advocate for the promotion of private sector and economic growth in Kosovo, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo recognizes the critical importance of a well-functioning healthcare system in the country.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo also recognizes the efforts of the Government in setting the International Reference Pricing (IRP) principles and supports this regulation as one of the ways to ensure sustainability and continuous access to medicine for Kosovar patients. The IRP should be implemented with diligence and it should not remain the only mechanism for improving drug access to patients. Other mechanisms like direct negotiations with the innovative producers and managed entry agreements (MEA) as part of the reimbursement process should also be considered.

Access to affordable and high-quality healthcare services is essential for Kosovo’s economic development, as it enhances the productivity, workforce capabilities, and overall well-being of the population, therefore, regulating drug prices is a critical component of ensuring affordable and equitable access to healthcare in Kosovo. The imposition of price controls helps address the issue of high drug costs, promoting fair and affordable pricing for essential medicines, to ensure that all individuals have access to life-saving drugs, regardless of their income level.

In this regard, AmCham welcomes and offers all our support in the speedy adoption and implementation of the Law on the Drug Price in the Assembly of Kosovo. AmCham recognizes that drug price regulation plays a crucial role in promoting access to medicines, stimulating innovation and promotion of competition in the pharmaceutical market, and boosting the overall efficiency of the healthcare system. The regulation assures that the prices of drugs are reasonable, fair, and transparent while also protecting the interests of pharmaceutical companies, the industry crucial to the economy of Kosovo.

In conclusion, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo advocates for drug price regulation as an impactful intervention to promote access to essential medicines, improve healthcare outcomes and progress the overall economic development of Kosovo.