American Chamber Facilitates In-Depth Discussion with Central Bank of Kosovo Governor

Prishtina, September 13, 2023 – The American Chamber hosted a fireside chat with the newly appointed Governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo, Ahmet Ismaili. Attended by a diverse group of American Chamber members, the forum which was moderated by Ramis Ahmetaj, aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of Governor Ismaili’s vision for enhancing Kosovo’s financial sector and overall economic outlook.

Governor Ismaili outlined his objectives for achieving both financial and economic stability in the country, providing attendees with valuable insights into the pivotal role the Central Bank plays in Kosovo’s economic journey.

Central to the conversation was the examination of inflation’s impact on Kosovo’s GDP and the broader economic framework. Governor Ismaili expressed optimism about the financial system, characterizing it as stable and flexible.

Additionally, he unveiled the legislative agenda of the Central Bank of Kosovo, underscoring key laws such as the Law on Banks, the Law on Payment Systems, and the Law on Non-Banking Institutions. Governor Ismaili actively sought recommendations from the American Chamber and other business consortia, recognizing the importance of these legislative pieces.

Governor Ismaili further emphasized his commitment to advancing the digitalization of payment infrastructure to expedite transaction processes. An intriguing proposal emerged during the discussion— the concept of launching an international system for regional payments in collaboration with the World Bank.

The fireside chat encompassed discussions on various economic sectors, exploring opportunities and obstacles. Notably, Kosovo anticipates a 4% economic growth in 2023, predominantly driven by private sector investments.