Any business that has an online presence is at risk of cyber attacks

Prishtina, March 7, 2023 – The advancement of information technology and the use of internet are increasing on a daily basis, and as a result, cyber security, privacy and personal data breaches are a threat that everyone faces. Regarding this topic, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, in cooperation with the AAB College and the Gold n’Links company, organized an informative seminar to increase awareness and the proactive approach to these risks.

Roi Shaposhnik, Chief Executive Officer of Gold n’Links and an expert in cybernetics, during this seminar first emphasized that the technology we use every day, however necessary, also poses a great risk for all users. He also spoke of the existence of various methods that can be used for cyber attacks, which are active all the time and can infiltrate personal data through websites, links, advertisements and applications that one can encounter while surfing the internet or social networks.

According to Shaposhnik, there are different types of cyber risks, driven by different motives, be it financial aspect, sabotage, espionage or propaganda. He took as an example various international companies that have faced these attacks and shared with the participants statistics and figures of the financial damages that were caused. According to him, the global impact of cybercrimes has reached the value of 6.5 trillion dollars in 2022 alone, while he also added that in addition to institutions and businesses, state institutions can also fall prey to such crimes and attacks. During a demonstration of data theft through cyberattacks, he highlighted the importance of investing in data security and maintaining privacy for both companies and businesses, as well as for individuals.

The cyber expert also gave special importance to the need for install safe applications that serve to minimize the risk of these attacks on all the user’s electronic devices, while underlining that a proactive approach to this issue, and awareness of the use of the Internet and risks that it contains must be increased globally.