Basic knowledge and Staff Education regarding the Intellectual Property are considered essential aspects for Businesses and their Operation

Prishtina, January 25, 2022– Intellectual property for businesses and its significance were the key topics that were addressed in today’s training held by Kujteza Nezaj Shehu.

Kujtesa Nezaj Shehu, Head of Office – Attorney at Law, SDP Kosovë, claimed that the purpose of this training is for businesses to put in practice their strategies for the protection of intellectual property rights and the steps that need to be considered before doing so.

To create a successful Intellectual Property strategy, businesses should have basic knowledge in regards to these rights, as according to her, businesses are hesitant about the types of Intellectual Property rights or the proper usage of terminologies related to these rights.

Furthermore, during today’s training, she recommended businesses to be more informed and have basic knowledge before starting their businesses, as well as educating their staff about intellectual property.

While mentioning the types of Intellectual Property Rights such as; copyright which includes how the idea, creativity, videos, database of a business are expressed, that are afterwards recognized as original at the time of their creation.

The other type of intellectual property protection are trademarks that are protected by their logo, product name, and so forth.

Industrial design is also one of the types of intellectual property protection that includes the aesthetic appearance of the product or its design and is valid for 25 years.

Another type of Intellectual Property Protection is the patent, which is defined as a document issued by the industrial property agency through which a person or business that has invented a product or service is granted with patent rights in relation to that particular invention which must be innovative and has a duration of 20 years from the date of application.