Behgjet Pacolli shared his challenging journey at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo

Prishtina, November 12, 2021– Behgjet Pacolli, businessman and politician was the next guest to speak at AmCham, in the framework of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Behgjet Pacolli said that his starting point was in a small village, and that it is difficult to take a place in society and change the environment and adapt. He said that everyone has an important part in the community and that the individual and environment are two entities that complement each other, and that it is important for these two factors to be in harmony to fulfill a certain function.

Pacolli further added that talking to others helps life experiences and that he has always received information and advice from others, therefore ‘the more cooperation you have with others, the safer the process’.

He recommended entrepreneurs to come together and form an association to discuss business, but sometimes lack of events and the right approach are missing in this regard.

“The culture of being an entrepreneur has not yet found support in Kosovo and the legal infrastructure should be as easy as possible for businesses, because the culture it is now, hinders the Kosovar entrepreneur,” he added.