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Ilir Ibrahimi

President of the Board

Hakif Gashi
Meridian Corporation

Vice President

Visar Ramajli
Kivo LLC

Secretary General

Ardiana Bunjaku


Afrore Rudi


Lorik Fejzullahu
Birra Peja


Albena Pllana
Individual Member

Gjeni Shporta


Shkumbin Mucolli
Burger King


Michael Gold
Crimson Capital


Ardian Hoxha
American School of Kosova


Ilir Ibrahimi is the Managing Partner of the ProCon Group. He has served as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at American University in Kosovo (AUK), and also as an Adviser on International Relations to the Minister of Economy and Finance of Kosovo on a contract with Bearing Point. Before returning to Kosovo from the United States, Mr. Ibrahimi worked as an International Broadcaster for theVoice of America, Albanian Service. From 2004 to 2006, Ibrahimi worked at the National Albanian American Council in Washington D.C. Mr. Ibrahimi is also active as an independent analyst on political developments both in Kosovo and in the international arena and is a regular contributor in the major national TV networks and also writes regular columns in the national newspapers. He has served in several Boards in Kosovo including the American Chamber of Commerce, where he currently served as the Vice President of the Board, and National Qualifications Authority. He earned a B.A. Government and International Relations from George Mason University in Virginia and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the same university.

Hakif Gashi started his business career in 1992 by first joining his family’s business where he served as a junior sales manager. In 1992, he initiated the opening of a new company called Meridian with the main focus on distribution of food items and beverages. He started as the main sales manager for Meridian and over the years he has been continuously promoted in positions from sales manager to sales director to brand marketing manager to general manager for the retail sector. In 2005, after the re‐structuring of Meridian Corporation, Gashi was elected CEO of Meridian. He has developed relations with well‐known foreign and domestic vendors in the food and beverage industry, and also redesigned the business processes.

With an Executive MBA at the Bled School of Management, from 2009 to present, Hakif continues to be with Meridian where now he serves as a Chairman and is responsible for business‐level discussions and decisions involving business vision, mission, and strategy. Moreover, he is responsible of projecting the company’s future development and profit objectives while also serving as a bridge between the Board of Directors and the Board of Shareholders. Outside Meridian, Hakif has been member of the American Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors during 2005‐2006 and is a member of Prishtina Rotary Club. In 2014, Mr. Gashi was elected as Vice President of American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and in February 2015, Hakif was appointed as the AmCham President of the Board of Governors.

Visar Ramajli is a successful entrepreneur and proud manufacturer. He is a co‐owner and CEO at KIVO L.L.C., which is a plastic manufacturer, exporting 100% of its products to Europe. He has constantly expanded his investment. He is also a co‐owner of VM3 shpk, marketing and video producing company. Visar is also one of the co‐owners of CACTTUS. He has an MBA degree in Engineering Management from the University for Business and Technology.

Ardiana Bunjaku has led SCAAK since its establishment and has applied a new concept of accounting, auditing, and education in the private and public sector, making SCAAK a center of professional excellency for accountants, auditors, National Audit Office auditors, insolvency specialists, internal auditors and financial forensics experts. She has placed Kosovo amongst the global professional developments, making SCAAK a member in the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), European Federation of Accountants and Auditors (EFAA), and the Federation of Mediterranean Accountants. Always committed to the public interest, she has served two terms as member and now technical adviser in the Commission of Developing the Professional Organizations of FNK, where she is part of working groups in the program of cooperating with global donors‐MOSAIC, the mentoring program and the program of developing guidelines for governance.

She is a member of the Executive Board of the Federation of Mediterranean Accountants, Board member of NLB Bank in Kosovo, member of Advisory Committee for Budget and Finance in the Rectorate of the University of Prishtina, and for many years she has been part of the regional program for reforms in financial report, auditing, and education for accounting and auditing – EU REPARIS, of the World Bank. Part of the Kosovo Women’s Chamber of Commerce, she is member of the National Economic Development Council in the office of Kosovo’s Prime Minister.

In her career, Ardiana Bunjaku has been member of many Kosovar institutions’ committees which supervise key sectors relevant in Kosovo’s economic development, including the Committee for Kosovo’s Strategic Development, the working group of the National Qualifications Framework and the Advisory Committee of Tax Administration’s Authority. She was initiator and also part of the accounting and auditing program foundation in the University of Prishtina, and was member of the quality assurance committee in the Kosovar Board for Standards and Financial Reporting with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, and for two terms she was member of the AmCham Kosovo’s Board, and in the American University as well. Ardiana Bunjaku was part of many other philanthropic initiatives as the President of the Board in the humanitarian organization “Nëna dhe Fëmija”.

Afrore Rudi, Deloitte

Afrore Rudi holds a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Taxation from London Guildhall University (England) and she is a member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) and of SCAAK. She has more than 15 years of experience in tax advisory, mostly gained within Deloitte. Prior to joining the Kosova practice, Afrore previously worked for a Chartered Accountancy firm based in London and completed a six‐month assignment in Deloitte Bulgaria.

Albena Pllana, Individual Member

Albena Pllana started her career in the banking sector in California, USA, managing commercial relationships for 11 years in one of the two biggest banks, Wells Fargo and CitiBank. During these years, she has built and maintained a network with many USA Companies. After moving to Kosovo she joined Coca‐Cola HBC as their main Corporate Communication Manager for three and a half years. During this time, Miss Pllana managed corporate affairs, community and CSR projects in which she worked jointly and closely with AmCham Kosovo. Miss Pllana graduated from California State University Northridge in Business Management and minored in Finance.

Gjeni Shporta, KAEF

Mr. Shporta brings over 10 years of experience in management of U.S. – Kosovo educational exchange programs with a focus on higher education, development projects, and philanthropic initiatives. Mr. Shporta has led educational exchange programs funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, USAID, as well as the private sector (local and international). Mr. Shporta has served as a Member of the Board of Governors of

the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (AmCham).

Shkumbin Mucolli, Burger King

Served as a member in the Board of Governors of AmCham during 2020 and has shown great commitment and offered alternatives on how to solve situations during the Covid19 Pandemic. Working closely with the board members in working groups and executive offices, in many proposals for the economic proposals to get throw the Pandemic. Received the Gold Crown

Award by Burger King as the best franchise for EMEA.

Extensive experience in managing human capital, combined with financial and operational activities. Serves as the main promoter of the company's growth and sustainable development.

Michael Gold, Crimson Capital

Mr. Gold is a finance expert, management consultant and technologist with 44 years of experience; the last 30 years resident in emerging markets, including Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. As the Managing Director of Crimson Capital Corp., he has overseen over $7 billion USD in debt and equity financing, foreign direct investment, privatizations, public private partnerships and export transactions in developing countries. Prior experience includes management of two research and technology institutes at major US universities. In Kosovo, Mr. Gold has been involved in a number of USAID programs, including Kosovo Business Support, Kosovo Cluster Business Support, Economic Management for Stability and Growth, Business Enabling Environment Project, Democratic Effective Municipalities Initiative, EMPOWER Private Sector Support, EMPOWER Credit Support (Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund), Partnerships for Development, After School Support for Teens, Kosovo Improving Energy and Resource Efficiency in Greenhouse Cultivation Project, and Economic Governance Activity. He has also been involved in the EBRD GEFF and Web SEFF programs. He served as Chairperson of the Local Development Foundation (LDF), which supports agricultural entrepreneurs in Southern Kosovo (supported by ADA), helped found STIKK and

was a major implementing partner of ICK. He served as Honorary Board Member of Action for Women and Children Foundation, launched Let’s Dance for Mothers and Children and was a mentor in the Women in Business Program. He founded the Crimson Finance Fund Kosovo.


Lorik Fejzullahu, Birra Peja

Mr. Fejzullahu has over 15 years of experience in the public and private sector with a focus in Finance. Mr. Fejzullahu has managed over 100 million euros in infrastructure projects and has been the big advocate of private sector involvement in public infrastructure and services.

Ardian Hoxha, American School of Kosovo

Ardian Hoxha has vast experience in the private sector, being the founder and cofounder of several successful companies in Kosovo, such as the American School of Kosova, Duplex, Green&Protein, SushiCo and Glam Radio. He has also led a motivational speaking campaign “Are you a champion of success?” with young people of Kosovo.