Breakfast for Executives with Director of the Privatization Agency of Kosovo

Prishtina, April 18, 2017 – Privatization process in Kosovo has been characterized as a process with many difficulties and accusations of non-transparency. To discuss the current dynamics of this process and future steps the Privatization Agency of Kosovo is expected to undertake, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a roundtable with the Director of this Agency as well as representatives from the latter.

Director of the Privatization Agency of Kosovo Ekrem Hajdari discussed the privatization process, thus emphasizing that this Agency has increased dynamics through organizing a wave of sales in each month. Parallel to this process, Hajdari said that the Privatization Agency of Kosovo is making efforts to build a platform, which will not only promote investments, but will also ensure more local and foreign direct investments, adding that the bidding rules have been facilitated and that any potential investor could have access to the purchase of assets.

AmCham members had the opportunity to address issues and receive explanations from representatives of Privatization Agency of Kosovo and provide their recommendations on the functioning of the Agency.

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