Breakfast for Executives with Minister of Labor and Social Welfare

Prishtina, December 1, 2016 – American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized Breakfast for Executives with Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Arban Abrashi, hosted by Cacttus. Challenges member companies and the private sector, in general, deal with and potential improvements to foster participation and empowerment of labor force in compliance with labor market demands, were on focus of this event.

AmCham Ekxecutive Director, Arian Zeka identified the main challenges of employment in Kosovo, including the Law on Labor, for the amendment of which, AmCham has been advocating since 2013, considering that this law, among others, discriminates and hampers women participation in the labor market.

Minister Abrashi discussed the ministry’s priorities, with focus on professional training on labor force and job growth in accordance with European Union directives. Abrashi pointed out that, in addition to ministry’s priorities, wage subsidies, self-employment grants and professional trainings offered in the workforce and by the ministry itself, contribute to the decrease of unemployment rate in the country.

Kastriot Fazliu, Director of Cacttus Education considered that the relationship between education and employment is of crucial importance given that lack of professional and practical skills, are the main impediments for businesses, also considering that businesses need a labor force, capable of meeting the labor market demands.

Throughout the discussion, members provided their recommendations, among which, investment in education, professional trainings to meet labor market demands, restructure of maternity leave, and investment in employment were considered to be key measures, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare needs to undertake, with the purpose of functionalizing mechanisms that support and foster participation in the labor market.