Breakfast for Executives with the General Director of Kosovo Customs

Prishtina, January 26, 2023 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a breakfast for executives with the Director General of Kosovo Customs, Agron Llugaliu. CEOs of AmCham member companies who participated in this meeting had the opportunity to discuss the challenges and advantages that businesses in Kosovo encounter during customs procedures.

The Director General of Kosovo Customs informed the businesses that the Customs activity is in full compliance with the strategy and development policies set in place by the Government of Kosovo and the Ministry of Finance and that they are constantly working towards creating a modern customs administration and further advance an efficient system for facilitating procedures for legitimate trade. Further, he added that the digital transition, which is being worked on, will advance the Customs services by facilitating procedures that, until now, were very time-consuming.

AmCham members raised some of the issues they have faced, and then also recommended possible solutions to facilitate these procedures, such as the declaration of goods. They also discussed about export, inter-institutional and inter-state cooperation with regional states with which Kosovo has trade relations.

During this meeting, Llugaliu invited all businesses to address the challenges, problems or complaints they have, so that in cooperation with Kosovo Customs and other relevant institutions, the field of doing business in Kosovo can be improved.