Businesses are informed with the electronic signature implementation procedures

Prishtina, March 1, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo recently organized an interactive workshop focused on the creation of digital identity and electronic signature processes, attended by industry experts Agim Kukaj, Director of the ICT Department at the Ministry of Economy, and Gazmend Selmani from PBC Group.

Among the main points that were emphasized during this workshop were the same validity of electronic and physical signatures, based on the legislation in force. It is worth noting that the electronic signature is reliable and legally applicable in all processes and should be accepted by all institutions, excluding some special cases such as the signing of a contract for the purchase of real estate or inheritance issues. Moreover, the speakers emphasized the importance of electronic signature as a tool which shortens the time of carrying out processes and lowers the costs of many services.

Agim Kukaj spoke about the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Economy, together with its partners, worked hard to put the law and legislation into effect. Now, through the EU-funded project, the Ministry is bringing the technology offerings to enable electronic signatures for citizens and electronic seals for businesses, with plans for full operationalization by the end of September. He emphasized that electronic seals will be offered to businesses at a reasonable price. And he argued how many providers like rTrust that is recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Technology that the state is bringing do not exclude, but cooperate and exchange information. Kukaj also emphasized the proactive measures taken by public institutions in order to integrate these systems. He also emphasized that the law enables businesses and individuals to use electronic signatures in their daily activities. However, he also noted the importance of creating campaigns that increase the understanding and benefits of using electronic signatures and digital identity.

On the other hand, Gazmend Selmani delved into crucial topics such as the rapid creation of electronic signatures and qualified electronic seals for businesses, assisted by rTrust, a qualified trusted service provider, implemented by PBC Group, accredited in the European Union, and recognized by the Government of Kosovo. Selmani emphasized the reliability of rTrust’s authentication protocols and the advanced technology used for ‘liveness’ verification, increasing the overall reliability of the product. Furthermore, in terms of authentication, a digital certificate issued by a trusted authority assures all parties of the authenticity of the participants in the communication.