Businesses informed on the concept of Authorized Economic Operators

Prishtina, February 14, 2017- The status of Authorized Economic Operators, which is one of main concepts of the standards framework of World Customs Organization on security and facilitation of the global trade and relations between Customs and Businesses, which would bring numerous benefits to businesses which shall receive such status.

This was announced today by senior Customs officials Blerim Krasniqi and Jashar Goga during a roundtable organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, who also presented the necessary criteria for obtaining this status, but also the benefits for businesses that would receive the status of the Authorized Economic Operator.

On the other hand, Selim Thaci, economist from International Monetary Fund, said that this institution supports the development of the concept of the Authorized Economic Operator, and has provided technical support to Customs on completion of this initiative.

During the roundtable, it was said that such status would enable businesses, easier admittance to customs simplifications, fewer physical and document-based controls, related to security & safety and other customs legislation, prior notification in case of selection for physical control, prior notification in case of selection for customs control, priority treatment if selected for control, possibility to request a specific place for customs controls, and mutual recognition with third countries, respectively with CEFTA parties, and later on within the European Union itself.

Business also had the opportunity to understand the necessary criteria on obtaining such status, including: compliance with customs legislation and taxation rules and absence of criminal offences related to the economic activity, appropriate record keeping, financial solvency, proven practical standards of competence or professional qualifications, and appropriate security and safety measures.

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