Chambers of Commerce require movement permission for supply companies after Prishtina was put under quarantine

Prishtina, April 12, 2020 – After placing the city of Prishtina under quarantine, the American
Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce require from the acting
Government of the Republic of Kosovo, respectively the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public
Administration and the Ministry of Economy, Labor, Trade, Industry, Entrepreneurship and
Strategic Investments, to urgently issue an instruction to eliminate the uncertainties that exist
among enterprises.
Such an instruction will regard to the movement of employees and goods from Prishtina to other
municipalities and vice versa for all enterprises which exercise the activity of supply and transport
of goods. Field information warn of absolute restrictions on entry and exit to and from the city of
Prishtina from law enforcement agencies, thus issuing a relevant instruction would guarantee
uniform treatment for all enterprises.
Such a restriction would be a major blow to the economic activity of the vast majority of private
enterprises, thus it is necessary to determine the modalities of movement permission of employees
and goods, in order to avoid difficulties in supplying essential products for all citizens of Kosovo.