Comprehensive approach needed in improvement of the labor offer

Prishtina, February 22, 2017 – Having in mind the importance of the proper cooperation between education institutions and private sector with regards to the development of the jobseekers for the labor market, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a roundtable with the Minister of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) Arsim Bajrami and the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW) Arban Abrashi. The roundtable was focused on the concerns of the private sector and the way forward to increase the cooperation between the responsible institutions in this regard.

AmCham Executive Director Arian Zeka said that while responsible institutions make efforts to improve the relation between demand and request in the labor market, they should also play a proactive role by analyzing the future labor market demands and preparing jobseekers in Kosovo on the new jobs which do not exist today.

Minister of Education Bajrami said that education institutions should be focused in the advanced education system, in the practical knowledge, having in mind that young people should be educated in the spirit entrepreneurship, Bajrami emphasized that the entire education system will be more closely related to the economic development of the country, particularly to the sectors which need professional and qualified staff, through promotion of the dual education, which includes both, practice and theory. In this regard, this Ministry is cooperating with other ministries and international organizations to create a curriculum which is based on professional and practical skills.

Minister of Labor Abrashi emphasized that the mission of MLSW includes the implementation of measures and program design for a workforce which meets the labor market demands. Abrashi said that this Ministry in cooperation with MEST is srafting a strategic plan for analyzing and updating labor market demands and to make the necessary interventions in the higher education curriculums. In addition, Abrashi said that such activities have a positive impact with regards to increased demand in professional schools and that require comprehensive efforts of education institutions, private sector and society.

The roundtable was followed with panel discussions of AmCham member representatives, Sharon Hart, from R.I.T. Kosovo, Lulzim Tafa from AAB College and Vjollca Parduzi from Asseco.

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