Continuing Education, important in the technology and information sector

Pristina, September 20, 2022 – The American Chamber marked the second day of Human Capital Week with an interesting panel, where the Human Capital dimension of ICT in Transition Economies was discussed.

Visar Jasiqi, Head of Product and Engineering at Radix, said that short and quick on-the-job training is useful to produce qualified staff. However, the traditional form of higher education, although long and time-consuming, is important for the proper preparation of the workforce. Also, he emphasized that the level of quality of higher education should be raised.

Hana Qerimi, CEO and co-founder at Starlabs, said that it is important for the education system to be in line with industry requirements so that students come out more qualified and better prepared for the labor market. Further, she emphasized that companies should focus on creating better management and leadership practices for their workers.

Ermal Sadiku, Managing Partner at Linkplus, said that in order to produce qualified labor for this industry with such high demand, reform must be made in primary education. He emphasized that as much as Kosovo’s youth has potential, the short time that young people spend in schools directly affects the quality of the workforce.

Blin Zeqiri, CEO of ArtHouse, stated that since trends change quickly, it is very important to continuously educate and train the workforce in the technology and information industry. Also, he said that the main concern of businesses in the ICT sector is the departure of staff from the company for other companies.