Customs informs businesses on procedures of fuel control

Prishtina, April 12, 2017 – With the decision of Ministry of Trade and Industry, competencies to inspect quality of fuel passed to Kosovo Customs, with the purpose of increasing control on customs points for imported fuel in Kosovo. To discuss on the provision of the Administrative Instruction on Quality of Fuel, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a discussion with General Director of Kosovo Customs and fuel distribution companies.

General Customs Director Bahri Berisha said that partnership between Customs and private sector is of crucial importance, particularly in the aspect of proper law enforcement, an enforcement which would also be possible through sophisticated labs that Customs has been recently equipped with and cooperation with international institutions. Berisha emphasized that all fuel distribution companies have to initially have the declaration of conformity and quality, 3% of which will undergo quality control within the day.

Fuel distribution companies got informed by Customs officials on respective procedures for quality control of imported fuel in Kosovo, thus expressing the need for a special training, which would facilitate proceedings as a result proper enforcement of law.

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