Defining the long-term goal is vital in the success of young entrepreneurs

Prishtina, November 13, 2021– The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, in cooperation with AAB College, organized the next forum with Ylber Kuraja, one of the best managers in Kosovo, moderated by Arianit Fazliu from the company Kutia.

Arian Zeka, executive director at the American Chamber of Commerce, in his introductory speech aims to encourage young people to listen to success stories, where in the future they will be able to apply these advices and avoid mistakes which have been made by prior people when achieving success.

Ylber Kuraja mentioned the beginnings of his career and how he had to work in a store, as a young man with no capital. According to him, today there are easier ways to achieve success, and it takes smart strategies, but also hard work, when it comes to greater achievements because according to him, the results do not come easy.

Kuraja said that complacency can be an obstacle to even greater achievement, thus everyone should come out of their comfort zone. “A successful manager is one who is willing to give more than he receives, and later this sacrifice will be rewarded,” stressed Kuraja.

Further, he recommended that young people have more connections and read more, and added that literature should focus on American and European standards and the future, and not literature with older models because many of the areas included in the literature today, should not be part of our teaching curricula.

According to him, there is no ideal manager, what is important is discipline and knowledge and facing with the reality, as well. He added that teamwork is vital to the success of the winners.