Developing human capital; a responsibility of each segment of society

Prishtina, April 26, 2022 – Issues related to human capital, including workforce availability, have lately been reported as issues of concern by businesses. Banka për Biznes is establishing the Human Resources Academy in May, a project whose fundamental purpose includes workforce development.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has organized a workshop on Developing Human Capital, where the main benefits coming from the Academy of Human Resources were discussed.

Anita Kosumi, Head of the Human Resources Department at BPB said that the Bank for Business Academy is being crowned with five generations of BPB Junior. She said this program offers opportunities to listen and learn from the experiences of others, by adding that this program, through consultations and discussions, will guide students towards the career they want. As part of this training, she mentioned that soft skills and emotional intelligence will also be taught, through which these employees will be able to create healthy company culture wherever they go.

The Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo Arian Zeka said that one of the main concerns raised by businesses in recent years has been human capital and finding a qualified workforce. He stressed that, in addition to central institutions, business associations and businesses themselves play an important role in reducing the gap between labor supply and demand.