Digital Economy is the future and businesses should adapt to new changes

Pristina, December 23, 2021– American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo held the second session of No-Host Talk to further discuss about the real Digital Economy Potentials.

Valon Canhasi from Hallakate said that the development of technologies in the world has had a great impact in the development of companies in Kosovo. According to him, today many companies in Kosovo offer digital services. This development was also influenced by the pandemic where every process had to be completed online and in the upcoming years is expected that development of the digital economy will happen to a greater extent.

Furthermore, he said that new businesses should be ready for a transformation in the digital economy. In terms of human capital, he called on businesses to invest more in staff training e to increase employees’ skills in certain fields.

The country code top level domain should remain a priority of the government to further develop the business ecosystem, thus mentioning digital recognition and electronic signature as two aspects that should be further advanced, he said.

Arianit Fazliu from Kutia stated that today the ecosystem of doing business especially in the field of technology is in the phase of exploration due to many factors such as; identifying the needs of customers outside Kosovo and the impact of the pandemic on the digital economy.

According to him, local companies have consistently shown great progress in this field and what remains success but a challenge as well is the competitiveness with foreign companies at the global level.

While discussing about human capital, he suggested young people profiling in certain fields and career guidance also as an important step for the future of companies and the individual himself.

Online shopping has increased during the pandemic and the increase in demand has been greater and according to him, greater awareness in technical support and other important issues is required from these companies.