Digital presence essential for a successful business

Prishtina, July 24, 2020 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a virtual training on e-commerce and digital public relations with the CEO of Hallakate, Valon Canhasi. Through this training, AmCham members had the opportunity to further develop their knowledge about online sales and digital presence, as well as explore ways the internet in general can be utilized in the field of sales.

Valon Canhasi, CEO of Hallakate, shared with the participants of this training the latest statistics of internet penetration in Kosovo, which has recently reached the highest numbers ever. Canhasi stressed that businesses are already in a constant struggle to attract their costumers’ attention by promoting their services and products online, always adapting to their targeted audience and following the latest trends and changes in consumer behavior.

He also pointed out that the concept of e-commerce, although a relatively difficult process to be achieved, creates many facilities in the field of doing business as it allows easier access to the products and services that businesses offer at all times without the need for physical contact. According to Canhasi, having a digital presence also facilitates business management by providing access to data remotely.

During this training Canhasi shared with the participants a strategy for creating an e-commerce platform and also outlined the actions that must be taken towards creating a successful platform step by step.

According to him, this strategy includes market identification, thorough analysis of customer demand and needs, and adapting business promotion in accordance with the platforms their targeted audience uses the most.

He also emphasized on the need to raise awareness about the opportunities banks and businesses offer for online sales, especially during this time when physical contact with customers is almost completely limited.