Digital Signature, the future of business identification

Pristina, July 28, 2022 – To discuss the benefits of a digital signature, the procedure of obtaining a digital signature and the overall importance of having a digital signature in the future, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized the next forum “Benefits of Digital Signature”.

Ajshe Jashari, Head of the Information and Communication Technology Division in the Ministry of Economy, said that the Ministry of Economy is in the process of issuing by-laws for electronic identification. Additionally, she said that these by-laws clarify the technical characteristics of security, the regulation of the conformity of the service provider, as well as the ways of equipping this means of identification.

Blerim Rexha, Professor at the University of Prishtina and PBC Academy/CTO at, said that since Kosovo has a legal basis for electronic identification, the Government should organize an awareness campaign for the use of digital signatures, to promote the use of digital signatures and seals. Further, he recommended that in order for the Ministry of Economy to implement the digital identification easier, it should contract private companies to carry out the technical part of this process.

Arianit Fazliu, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder of Kutia X, emphasized that with the use of electronic signatures and seals, businesses would save a lot of time, costs and ease the bureaucracy, by performing various obligations electronically.

The members present at the forum gave their recommendations and concerns, where they discussed trainings that should be held for ARBK officials on the use of digital signatures, the risks of using electronic identification, and possible barriers that interfere with the implementation of electronic identification.