Dual Studies Program are considered as beneficial for both businesses and universities

Prishtina, December 6, 2021- Today, at the premises of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, at the request of Universum College, it has been organized an informal meeting which was focused on the dual study system, taking into account the fact that this model has been successful in the ICT and sales sector.

Alejtin Berisha, the Executive Director of Universum College said that Universum College is focused on industry and international cooperation, mentioning Erasmus projects and students’ opportunity to exchange new experiences.

Industry should be more active and we should all be closer to businesses, so that students serve the market of society and 50% of them are not given such an opportunity, said Berisha.

The Deputy Director of Universum College, Uran Rraci said that dual studies are a German system that is, a collaboration between industries and universities.

He added that teaching continues to take place in a traditional way, and that the university curriculum does not correspond to the labor market according to the research they have conducted with Caritas.

The dual study system enables students to stay longer in the company and during that time, students are shaped based on the policies that the business develops and adapts to the company.

A Research conducted by Universum College showed that businesses are mainly looking for individuals who are innovative and creative.

He added that both sides benefit; the company that hires new staff, who are trained and adapted to the company culture, while universities on the other hand, create new opportunities for other students’ successes.

Further on, Rraci said that master level students are believed to be more exposed to the dual study system.

Students’ motivation was mentioned as one of the key factors for an effective performance at work.

In addition, it has been said that dual study systems are a great opportunity for students to have important experiences that would impact their career later on.