Education Committee members discussed the current challenges of education and the way forward

Prishtina, December 8, 2021– In this meeting, the members of the Education Committee discussed important aspects of the education sector in Kosovo.

Members discussed the current challenges in the education system in Kosovo, mentioning the development of a possible strategy regarding the certification of vocational schools and those who complete it, which are later ‘protected’ in the labor market.

Furthermore, the members mentioned the profiling and branching of professions at the master level adding that the course should be more specific.

It was also suggested that the Ministry of Education should work upon releasing statistics on the number of students employed after graduation, leaving aside academic titles and individual achievements.

Members emphasized the need for staff in the field of production and engineering, adding that there is still a lack of awareness in this regard.

Members also recommended the discussion on a larger level of bullying in schools and the monitoring of teaching as very important issues.