Effective employee evaluation systems are crucial in enhancing employee performance

Prishtina, March 2, 2021 – In continuation of the activity “Training Tuesday”, organized every two months by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo to address various topics relevant to the business community through training by professional lecturers, the second edition of this activity was organized today, focusing on the topic of performance evaluation and salary determination on an individual basis. The challenges of understanding change from the executive and employee level, change management cycle, performance evaluation system, as well as defining the criteria for setting the initial salary were discussed during this training.

The training was delivered by Shkumbin Ibraimi, Managing Partner and Co-founder of the recruitment and leadership advancement company, Mercurius Consulting. Ibraimi described the communication and cooperation between the executive level and the employees as very important, especially in the aspect of implementing changes, while also explaining the change management cycle. According to him, day-by-day organizational structures are aiming to create an inclusive organizational culture, operating not with a fixed mindset, but with a growth mindset that takes the values ​​of all employees into consideration.

Speaking on performance evaluation, he pointed out the need to meet hygienic factors, which deal with the manner of how work is done, as well as the motivating ones, which have to do with the nature of work itself. Ibraimi said that there can be no standard evaluation system, as industries and departments within companies are of different natures. However, according to him, having an evaluation system is key for every company.

During this event, the determination of the criteria for setting the initial salary was also discussed, for which, according to Ibraimi, the formal factor, which includes the set of experience, education, and training of an employee, as well as the individual factor, which includes the skills of an employee should both be considered. Noting the importance of language, Ibraimi recommended participants to refer to the performance evaluation process as a developmental conversation with employees, while advising that it be a relaxed meeting, so as to not cause negative psychological effects.