Energy diversification also implies workforce diversification

Prishtina, June 10, 2022 – To discuss the role of the private sector in the energy transition, specifically in the diversification of energy sources, as well as in the diversification of the workforce, the American Chamber of Commerce organized a discussion within the Kosovo Sustainable Development Week, with speakers from the two committees of the American Chamber of Commerce, the Committee on Energy and Mining, as well as the Committee of Women in Energy and Mining.

Sabri Tërrnava, Director of Consumer Affairs at KEDS, said that it is important for companies like KEDS and KESCO to develop projects in a way that encourages women and girls to be involved in the technical aspects of the project. He added that KEDS Academy has served as a very good way for the inclusion of young girls in this sector.

Gentiana Alija, Director, Alfa Solar and co-founder of the Women in Energy and Mining Committee said that although the participation of women in the energy industry continues to grow, the number of women involved in the technical part of the projects is still small. She added that training are very important for capacity building in this field, especially for the inclusion of women in this sector.

Edona Demaj, Director, EKO SOC and co-founder of the Women in Energy and Mining committee said that the presence of women in the company is important as they bring a new perspective and a different set of skills that can be extremely useful for the company.

Guri Shkodra, Project Manager at SOWI Kosovo said that one of the biggest challenges of the future will be energy supply and such a transition will require the commitment of everyone, including women. Therefore, it is important that girls are encouraged to choose a profession in the energy sector as early as possible.

Zana Bajrami Rama, Manager at KOSTT and co-founder of the Women in Energy and Mining Committee, said that since the energy transition requires new human capacity and new expertise in the field of human resources, this period can serve as a period to address issues of gender equality. She added that it is important that all groups in society benefit equally from this transition.

Arian Zeka, Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, said that mentality is the main issue contributing to the gender gap, and it requires great efforts to address and years of patience to change. He added that this mentality can be combated by amplifying the experiences and achievements of women in the energy sector, in order to serve as a source of inspiration for young girls.