Energy Self-Sufficiency Workshop at AmCham: From Consumers to Prosumers

Prishtina, May 29, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized an engaging workshop titled “From Consumers to Prosumers: Exploring Opportunities in Energy Self-Sufficiency.” The opening remarks for this workshop were delivered by Rudina Heroi-Puka, Chairperson of the Energy and Mining Committee and Consumer Care, Tariff, and Regulatory Affairs at KESCO. The event was moderated by Pranvera Selimi from Women in Energy and Mining.

Ymer Rudari, Head of the Tariff Department at the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO), presented the historical context of the law and then discussed the new regulations for prosumers, including net billing, customer charges, and technical requirements. He explained that every application has to go through the ERO and that all applications so far have been approved by the board. However, he emphasized that since every license application has to go through the ERO, the board often has to deal with a high volume of applications.

Sabri Tërnava, Director of Customer Service at KEDS, highlighted the KEDS perspective. He underlined the simplification of the general criteria for obtaining prosumer status and emphasized KEDS’ commitment to supporting and licensing all applicants who wish to become prosumers. Tërnava highlighted the significant increase in demand for prosumer approvals, noting that there have been more requests in the first four months of 2024 than there have been since 2018. The response time for these requests is approximately one week.

In addition, Trim Tërnava, Co-Owner/CEO of SunVolta Energy, shared insights from a business and prosumer perspective. He emphasized that while the new regulation has brought many positive changes and eased the process, there are still challenges and issues to be addressed in terms of financial planning of the support system for prosumers.

AmCham continues to support and encourage discussions and initiatives that promote energy self-sufficiency and the transition from consumer to prosumer.