Entrepreneur Blin Zeqiri shares his journey towards success

Prishtina, November 19, 2020 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and the Regional Agency for Development – Center, organized an event through which Kosovo youth had the opportunity to meet an entrepreneur and hear their journey towards success first hand.  This virtual event was organized within the activities for the Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is organized under the leadership of the Innovation Center in Kosovo (ICK).

Blin Zeqiri, the entrepreneur from Art House, shared his journey towards success, where he stressed that the experience and knowledge gained during studies abroad and their implementation in the country have been key factors for penetration in the local market. Referring to the role of entrepreneurship in the economy and well-being of a country, he stressed that nowadays, the development and implementation of innovative ideas in Kosovo is easier as a result of globalization and digital transformation.

Moreover, Zeqiri recommended the young people in the country who have entrepreneurial ideas and goals, to work towards them as well as to learn from their mistakes. Another issue raised by Zeqiri was gender inclusion, where he stated that the company he runs is always seeking to increase the employment of women. In this regard, he stressed that the approach to entrepreneurial aspirations needs to be of a more supportive and equal nature in general.

At last, Zeqiri recommended the youth to follow their aspirations, work towards their professional advancement, as well as follow the example of practices of foreign countries, and modify them to adapt to Kosovo market so as to develop entrepreneurship.