Entrepreneurial mindset is a key factor for business excellence in the market

Prishtina October 18, 2020 – The entrepreneurial mindset and the strategies applied in doing business are the factors that distinguish entrepreneurs in the sector in which they operate. The development of this mindset brings great benefits to the general well-being of the country and the youth in particular, as it facilitates and improves the environment of doing business and positively affects job creation. These were said, among other things, during a virtual forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, in the course of activities within the Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is organized under the patronage of the Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK).

Arianit Fazliu, Chief Executive Officer at Kutia, as well as moderator of this forum, stressed the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset while adding that it should be developed continuously. According to him, with the presence of entrepreneurship in the country, the well-being of the youth increases, whereas the entrepreneurial spirit should be passed on to the younger generations by facilitating the establishment and operation of enterprises at a regional level.

Driton Hapçiu, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the companies Cacttus and Recura, stated that the entrepreneurial mindset consists of a set of skills, knowledge and human characteristics that can be acquired in both public and private educational systems. According to him, the Kosovar society needs to change some of the concepts of formal and non-formal education in order to develop this kind of mindset, while emphasizing the inclusion of interaction, cooperation, and developing a listening culture and critical thinking among young people. He further added that a more stimulating environmentt for the development of entrepreneurship exists now in Kosovo compared to previous years, as well as more accessible activities in this field where the youth can be involved for the development of entrepreneurship and strategic thinking.

Denis Gafuri, CEO of Denis Gafuri Consulting, mentioned that one of the factors that can hinder the development of this mindset is having the wrong approach towards it in educational institutions as well as in family culture, while emphasizing the reluctance of young entrepreneurs to present their ideas. Further, Gafuri stressed that in order to encourage the country’s youth to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, a more positive approach should be implemented within education systems. Referring to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs during the establishment of businesses, he added that more work should be done towards the elimination of bureaucratic procedures and the utilization of space for conducting business activities. Finally, Gafuri recommended to the youth that aims at developing a career in entrepreneurship, to develop and implement this kind of mindset as well as dare to step out of their comfort zone to create something new.