Environmental, Social Governance, added value for businesses

Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) is an opportunity to build a more sustainable business and a key differentiator to increase relevance and trust with the organization’s stakeholders. To discuss all the ways businesses can benefit from ESG policies, AmCham organized the next event with the topic ‘The Importance and Benefits of Environmental, Social Governance’.

Olta Cibuku, Head of ESG, Amp Energy, said that although the implementation of these policies comes at a high cost, these are important criteria that attract investors to invest in the company. Further, she said that it is important for companies to diversify the labor market, so that everyone has equal opportunities to develop and be promoted.

Besmir Kokollari, Official for Education and Environmental Awareness in the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, said that the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure is in the process of drafting the decarbonization strategy. He added that Kosovo is committed to the green agenda led by the EU, known as the Declaration on the Green Agenda in the Western Balkans.

Mirsad Haskaj Chief Risk Officer at NLB Bank emphasized that even though a transition that complies with ESG policies can be costly, it is important for businesses to understand that the implementation of these policies represents added value for their companies.

Guri Shkodra, Project Manager at SOWI Kosovo, said that corporations have a social responsibility towards the communities that are affected by their activity and emphasized that the social responsibility of corporations not only takes care of the community they affect, but also brings benefits to businesses.