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Arian ZEKA

Executive Director & Authorized Representative

Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce is responsible for promoting the public image of the Association by serving as the Chamber’s “ambassador-at-large,” and liaising on behalf of its members with other leaders of Kosovo and international business community.

Rrita Rexha

Executive Assistant

Pëllumb Shala

Policy Officer

Adrianë Gruda

Communications Officer

Stina Hoxha

Sustainability Officer

Fioreta Istrefi

Secretary General, Arbitration Center

Fatos Sylaj

IT Consultant

He was appointed in the position of Executive Director of AmCham in 2012, promoting the public image of the Association by serving as the Chamber’s “ambassador-at-large,” and liaising on behalf of its members with other leaders of Kosovo and international business community. Under his leadership, in 2013 AmCham Kosovo was the Chamber with the largest membership acquisition among 43 AmChams in Europe. Also, under his leadership, AmCham established Charity Foundation (2012), Woodrow Wilson Chess School (2016), and Theodore Roosevelt Institute of Economic Research (2017), whereas has further strengthened the capacities of the Arbitration Center, where he also sits as an ex-officio member of the Steering Council.

Arian is a Member of AAB College Steering Council; Member of the Advisory Board of the Law Faculty of University of Prishtina; Member of the Board of Directors of SCARDIAN Insurance Company; Member of National Trade Facilitation Committee; and Member of Steering Council of the National Qualification Authority.

He is a Senior Lecturer at the Society of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Kosovo, teaching management and strategic management certification modules since January 2009.

He served as Vice President of Kosovo CSR Network, Chairman of the Fiscal Consultative Council, Chairman of the Business Community Office at the Kosovo Assembly, Consultant at German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), Consultant at a World Bank funded program, Director of an International Film Festival, etc.

He holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Management, and is an alumnus of the U.S. Library of Congress Open World Leadership Program (OWLP) and Joint Vienna Institute (JVI). He is also a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).

Rrita Rexha

is the Executive Assistant of AmCham and an undergraduate at the Faculty of Law. She started working at an early age at the Central Electoral Commission as a Voting List Officer, then focused on her growth as an Administration Officer for the past years. With a background in administrative support and a commitment to professionalism, she thrives in fast-paced environments and is dedicated to contributing to the success of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

Pëllumb Shala

is a Policy Officer at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. He holds a Master's degree in International Relations from the University of Warsaw and completed their undergraduate studies in Business and Economics at the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, City College. With prior experience at the Secretariat of the National Council for Economy and Investments in Kosovo, and diverse internship experience in both business and non-governmental organizations, Pëllumb's expertise lies in policy analysis, stakeholder engagement, and communication strategy, contributing to AmCham's mission of fostering a conducive business environment in Kosovo.

Adrianë Gruda

is a Communications Officer at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. With a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Communication from LCC International University in Lithuania. She has gained valuable insights from an Erasmus internship at Caritas Czech Republic's Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation department in Prague. Her proactive involvement in leadership programs and diverse roles as a student assistant demonstrate Adriana’s commitment to professional growth and excellence. Now, Adriana channels her expertise and passion for effective communication into driving AmCham’s mission forward, connecting with stakeholders and amplifying our impact within the business community.

Stina Hoxha

Is a Sustainability Officer at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. She holds a Master degree in Technical Sciences-Architecture from the University of Prishtina, with five-years of experience as an architect.  She began her sustainability journey by prioritizing projects featuring sustainable materials, guided by the motto "rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle" to positively impact the environment. Stina actively participated in municipal projects and sustainability competitions as well, all centered on achieving zero waste. These initiatives aimed at reducing architectural waste, saving energy and water, application of circular economy, minimizing embodied energy in materials, devising conservation plans, and promoting restoration and reuse. Some of her projects have earned recognition, while others have been documented in publications. Stina’s trajectory underscores her dedication to sustainable future and innovation, positioning her as a driving force for positive change in the environment.

Fioreta Istrefi

has dedicated three years of service to the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, where she now serves as Secretary General of the Arbitration Center. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Kosovo, with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Economics, Statistics & Management, Fioreta's journey into professional roles included pivotal experiences in both the private and public sector in Kosovo and the UK including companies such as KODE Labs, U.S. Embassy in Kosovo, RIT Dubai and London Youth.

At the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, Fioreta began as an USAID intern within the Arbitration Center and quickly progressed into her current role, streamlining operations and contributing significantly to the Arbitration Center's efficacy. As Secretary General, Fioreta orchestrates tribunal hearings, offers expert advice on arbitration cases, and plays a crucial role in moderating key events alongside stakeholders from the U.S. Embassy and Government of Kosovo.


is Internet and Communication Consultant at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.