Gastronomers encourage the support of local products

Prishtina, November 9, 2021– The next discussion organized by the American Chamber of Commerce focused on enterprises in the food sector, the difficulties, and successes in this field.

Founder of Green&Protein, and also the moderator of the event, Ardian Hoxha mentioned the importance of gastronomy and the food sector in generating new jobs, thus bringing revenue to the state itself. Moreover, these businesses inspire other fields of business, both in the local and international image. Regarding the impact of the pandemic on the food sector, he said it has been a challenge, but that it has also brought some benefits to the founding-employee relationship, because creativity has increased, and it has had lower costs as well.

Baton Domi, founder of Soma Book Station said every detail is important in the field of gastronomy. He added that “Soma Slow Food” is based on traditional refined cuisine and that great importance is given to local growers, thus emphasizing the care they have with the products they serve. He further mentioned as their vision the re-identification of Kosovo products in the awareness of the products it works with and the possibility of exporting these products which according to him can happen through restaurants, markets, and agriculture. In this way, farmers are stimulated and new industries are created that can be exported abroad.

Shpend Thaqi, co-founder of Sach stressed the importance of customer trust adding that other things flow on their own. He spoke about the importance of market research and the importance of market adaptation in Kosovo. He said that starting a new business requires original ideas, achievable desires, and investment in time. Thaqi also commented on the fact that businesses aim to immediately reach the pinnacle of success, but according to him, a new enterprise requires processes and takes time.