Government to cooperate with the gastronomy sector prior to taking decisions that affect this sector

Prishtina, August 12, 2020 – The Government must closely consult the business community before taking
any measures that have a direct impact on these businesses. This was stated, among other things, at the
regular meeting of the American Chamber in Commerce in Kosovo’s Hospitality and Tourism Committee.
Members of this committee consider that speeding up the voting and implementation of the economic
recovery package proposed by the Government is very necessary, because many businesses in this
sector risk being closed, thus resulting in large losses of jobs. Furthermore, according to them, another
important issue that must be addressed is the one regarding uncertainties of working in open spaces
after September, when climatic conditions will make such a thing impossible.
AmCham’s Hospitality and Tourism Committee emphasizes that implementing the decisions for
preventing the spread of the pandemic, increasing inspective capacities, as well as not applying
collective restrictions to all enterprises due to the non-implementation of measures done by a few is
highly necessary. Furthermore, members of this committee also call for lifting of the measure to restrict
movement after 22:30, which according to them has not proven to be effective.
This committee aims to address the needs of the hospitality and tourism sector both in the short term,
for the phase of economic recovery after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as in the long